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Love bites by NeatTea
Mature content
Love bites :iconneattea:NeatTea 127 103
Mature content
Flash and a Bang :iconundeservinghero:UndeservingHero 3 3
Come out, Come out 13
Leonardo pulled in a deep breath through his nose. He sighed it out through his mouth.
Donnie… It was easy for Leo concentrate on him. He started by remembering his soft presence, calm, smart, strong. Donnie had a way to make everything alright. Hearing the genius laugh would signal to Leo that all his siblings were safe and relaxed. The smell of coffee was comforting, it showed that Donnie was awake and it gave a sense of home. The basic action of resting his hand on Leo’s shoulder grounded Leo when his mind was whirling with doubt and confusion.
A warmth wrapped around Leonardo as he continued to think about his brother. The way he whistled through his teeth. The quark of sticking his tongue out from the edge of his mouth while he concentrated. Seeing those beautiful redwood colored eyes looking at him bashfully while Leo would try to lecture him into eating more in the morning other than some sugary toaster pastry.
His train of thought ushered him forward towards his des
:icondarkclosure:DarkClosure 1 7
Come out Come out 01
Leonardo sat down on his legs as he placed the tray of food outside of Donatello’s lab. He found it difficult to swallow in the oppressing silence. It had been some time since… since what had happened with April. At first, everything was going back to normal… but something had broken inside his gentle brother. Something that they had not seen; the tiny pencil line through Donnie’s heart. Each day it grew thicker and thicker. It had been a slow process, so slow that they had not seen it developing. Tiny steps were taken backwards, away from April, away from family. With each step his shoulders had slumped more and more, his arms raised higher and higher until he was holding onto himself in the darkness with only his tears to comfort him.
Less and less he ate. Less and less did he show his face. Less and less was he the Donatello that Leo had known and Leonardo had hated himself for that. He blamed himself for ever allowing any of this to happen. He should have
:icondarkclosure:DarkClosure 15 12
Mature content
The Winds of Time :icontarin2014tfan:Tarin2014tfan 11 11
Never Let Go - Chapter 1
Don listened quietly to the soft sounds of water dripping from the pipes. It was so quiet, and it had been for nearly ten years. Sometimes he thought the lair was empty, only to be proved wrong when he heard quiet shuffling in another room. It was like a ghost town.
He sighed, rolling over to a more comfortable position on his bed. The clock told him it was almost midnight. He groaned and rolled over to his other side. For some reason, he just couldn’t get to sleep tonight. Something was telling him to go topside and look, for anything and everything, yet still only one thing.
“Where are you?” He whispered to no one in particular.
Sitting up, he stifled a yawn and got to his feet, walking over to his desk. He picked up an old picture and studied it. Don had taken it when they visited the farmhouse about ten and a half years back. A ghost of a smile appeared on his face when he looked at it. Mike had been goofing around that whole day (
:iconcrystalwolf10:CrystalWolf10 9 10
A Conjured Domain 01
One day I found two pumpkin seeds.
Chapter 1
It was a strange thing that happened.  They had been out, normal patrol, normal run around, normal run ins with scum.  They had stopped a mugging, left a would be rapist unconscious in the park for a policeman to find in the morning, and even managed to find a hot dog vender that they were able to steal a few dogs from.  All in all it was a relaxing night.  It wasn't until they got a phone call from April that things turned for the worse.
She had gotten a new item in her shop and wasn't sure about its origins.  She tried looking up but all she could get was that it was an object from Hungary but that was it.  She wanted them to come over in hopes that maybe Donnie would know more about it and since they were already out she invited all the brothers.  When they got there she let them in through the back door to her shop and stopped in the break room, "You guys hungry or wou
:icondarkclosure:DarkClosure 8 9
DGM - Yullen bathtub ok by Miyukiko DGM - Yullen bathtub ok :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 559 18 Need for speed! by NeatTea Need for speed! :iconneattea:NeatTea 144 52
Mature content
SHINY [Swift x Mikey] :icon3dreysic:3Dreysic 43 37
Choose 29 by NeatTea
Mature content
Choose 29 :iconneattea:NeatTea 77 67
The winter storm of my brother's heart Chapter 6
The winter storm of my brother's heart
A/N: Okay, since last chapter was pretty short, I will try to make this one longer and I will try to make it more exciting than the last one. I hope this one will be up as soon as possible. Now things might also get a little similar to the movie, cause now I have seen it, just a warning.
OBS, I want you all to at least read this part. I also have a question for all of you guys that like this story and have seen the movie or at least heard the music. In chapter 4, I made a songfic chapter with the song 'Let it go' when Donnie made his home on the frozen sea. I'm right now having a discussion with myself if I should do the same with the song 'For the first time in forever' but the reprise of course in next chapter or the chapter after that. I want to hear your opinion on that and give me response, or any other song perhaps, since 'Frozen' have a great soundtrack, and I want to make this story a good one. Anyway, on with the
:iconkamechan98:kamechan98 14 5
Mature content
(extended) summer break pt. 1 //kevedd :iconhiscuddlekat:hiscuddlekat 6 1



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I cant wait for this weekend! not only is it gonna be Halloween on Friday, but I get to volunteer at my church's local carnival! I am going to help set up the games and rides, and help out in the booths that play games and give out candy to the little kids.
it is going to be really busy but really fun! 

including in such said events, I am hopefully going to get my "Thoughts on a Storm" poem published. I am very excited! :D I am confident that this will be the first of many pieces of inspirational writing to come!


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I am a big TMNT fan and KevEdd lover

"Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody"
-Mark Twain


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